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      ConvoyTech Security Technology has been designing and manufacturing conventional/addressable smoke, heat, gas and CO detectors for residential and commercial establishments for over 15 years. All of our products are made in China using components and plastics sourced from Taiwan and Japan. Our new state-of-the art factory with high capacity will open its doors in August 2008. To ensure efficiency, we test and calibrate every unit using advanced testing equipment, improving reliability and preventing false alarms. Our detectors are UL, EN, VdS, CE and BSi approved and exported worldwide. We offer high-quality products with efficient order lead-time and unparalleled customer support.

Consumer Products

+  Smoke Alarms and Detectors

+  Carbon Monoxide, Combustible Gas Alarms and Detectors

Industrial Flame Detector
Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection Products

+  IR/UV/IR4 Flame Detector

+  Combustible Gas Detector & Toxic Gas Detector

Fire Alarm Control System

+  Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel and Detector

+  Intelligent Analog Detector and Module(Addressable)
    Compatible Absolutely to Honeywell, System Sensor,Notifier Detector

ODM/OEM/EMS Products

+  Give us your ideas, and we will make your dream take off !

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